Body Language Signs of Attraction

Humans use body language to show signs of attraction. Body language, both consciously chosen and not, is a huge part of communication. It can tell you if someone is angry, nervous, scared, lying or even attracted to you. While not everyone will exhibit the same physical signs when they are experiencing attraction, there are many common body language signs of attraction you can look for when trying to determine if someone is interested in you. The two main things you'll want to focus on are their eyes and overall body positions.

Body positions that are indicative of physical attraction include legs crossed and pointing toward you, one or both feet pointed toward you, or their whole torso squarely facing you. Making excuses to touch you while speaking (the back of your hand, your shoulder, etc.) also is indicative of attraction. Nonverbal communication can be more powerful than any words spoken.

The proximity of the other person to you is another sign of attraction. The closer they are, the more interested they are. However, it is important to note the appropriate amount of personal space in a social interaction differs from culture to culture and region to region, so gauging a person's level of attraction to you based on how close they are standing is not always a reliable method if you are not familiar with their background.

The Eyes Have It
The eyes also offer many clues to whether someone is attracted to you. In most social interactions, one makes regular eye contact with the person they are speaking to, while also looking at the person's general presentation including hand gestures and posture. In the case of attraction, the eyes will make regular eye contact, but also linger on particular details of the face such as the mouth and sweeping across the hair. This is demonstrative of the interested party trying to learn more about you.

Another common eye behavior that can indicate attraction is making eye contact and looking away. This behavior is more common in women than men, and is less prevalent in younger women who may feel less social expectation to be submissive and wait for the man to approach in a social situation. That said, it is still quite common. Some people even use this eye behavior intentionally as a part of flirtation, but it also can happen for many people reflexively. Look carefully to see if they raise their eyes to make eye contact again after looking away. This is how you can be sure they are actually attracted to you, as opposed to just feeling awkward.

The final clue the eyes can provide to attraction is pupil dilation. The pupils will generally dilate in cases of attraction. However, it is important to consider other factors in pupil dilation including the lighting in the room and whether alcohol (which also can encourage pupil dilation) has been consumed.

Face Your Attraction
Other subtle clues on the face include a brief raising of the eyebrows, which can be interpreted as a questioning or approval seeking gesture. Parting the lips slightly and even a nostril flare can all be unconscious indicators of attraction, too.

Drawing attention to the face also can be an indicator of attraction. Be on the lookout for the person touching their face near the eyes.

Look at Me
A person who is attracted to you will also try to show their body off to the best advantage, meaning they'll sit or stand straighter. Additionally, women will generally thrust their chests out or lean against something so as to show off the curve from their bust to their waist to their hips. Men, by contrast, will sit or stand with their legs apart and head held high. They are also likely to roll up their shirt sleeves to show off (hopefully) strong arms.

Nervous gestures also can indicate attraction. These include reaching repeatedly for a drink, smoothing down a blouse, straightening a tie, and even fidgeting with the hair. However, it's important to consider these signs in context with the others, because as much as they can signal attraction, they also can signal that you are making the other person uncomfortable with your interest.

While the best way to find out if someone is attracted to you is to ask, looking at unconscious body language can help you determine whether you should pose the question in the first place. Additionally, understanding the body language of attraction can help you decide whether you're sending the signals you want to be sending. The appeal of physical expressions can create lasting connections between people.

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