Common Body Language When Falling in Love

Body language when falling in love is an absolute telltale sign that something serious is developing. Body language is most often the best indicator to learn if someone is truly into you, especially if you have a significant other who struggles with vocalizing his emotions. Take into account how your relationship is going, because if you notice he is showing multiple body language clues, he could be falling in love with you.

If your significant other wants to be close to you and often sits or stands directly next to you, this could be a good indicator she is falling for you. Closeness is a sign of comfort and possessiveness, both of which are signs of love. If you find yourself wanting to be close to your special someone and feel safe by her side, you could be falling hard. If you are out to dinner, notice if your partner is leaning in toward you. Or if you are driving in a car together and you are leaning toward each other on the armrest, this is could potentially be a sign you are falling for one another.

If your man still fixes his tie or smoothes his shirt or runs his fingers through his hair when he sees you, it means he still cares about looking good for you. And if a woman still flings her hair over her shoulder, licks or pouts her lips and bats her eyelashes, it's also a sign she could be falling for you.

Eye Contact
If your boyfriend looks deep into your eyes and is comfortable holding intense eye contact with you for a long time, he could be falling hard. At the beginning of a courtship, it is normal for eye contact to be brief, as he may be shy or nervous around you. As your relationship grows, however, take note of the way your other half looks at you, as this could be a dead giveaway. Women will often look at their partners with a sideways stare, while men will typically stare straight on.

Smiling and laughing is a huge indication if someone is falling for you. If you catch your partner looking at you with a happy grin, it is probably because she has strong feelings for you. If you notice that she is laughing and smiling more frequently at the things you say and do, even if you don't think you're doing something particularly amusing, this is a great sign. It means that she is genuinely interested in you and like the things you do, and that are paying very close attention to you.

When it comes to telling if someone likes you, it is usually a no brainer if he is continuously touchy-feely with you. But physical touches change when someone is actually falling in love with you. Touches become less playful and lustful and instead more protective, possessive and romantic. If your guy tucks your hair behind your hair, places his hand on the small of your back, or interlocks his fingers with yours he could be falling hard. Likewise, if your lady links her arm in yours, or touches or puts her hand on the back of your neck, it's probably more than just an infatuation.

If your lover starts to mirror your actions or body positions with his own body, it may be an indication he is falling for you. Don't overanalyze this, though-that you stand with your weight on your right foot and he does the same doesn't necessarily mean that he is head over heels for you. But if you notice that he habitually repositions his stance or arm position to be in synch with yours, he could be falling in love.

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While not everyone will exhibit the same physical signs when they are experiencing attraction, there are many common body language signs of attraction you can look for when trying to determine if someone is interested in you. 

Reading anyone is a difficult task, but reading a man's body language when you're interested in him can be particularly frustrating. If you learn to take the signs as they come and resist overanalyzing, you just might decode your man's body language.

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