Guide to Reading Female Body Language Signals

Are you skilled at reading female body language signals? It can be hard to do at times, especially if you are man trying to figure out if the woman of your dreams is trying to tell you something with her actions. The difference in her being interested in you or just being a sweet girl can be minor; look for a few good body language signs clustered together to be sure this lady wants you to make a move.

The Hair Toss
If the object of your affection has long luscious locks, it could be that she just likes touching her hair-but she could be trying to get your attention. By nature, women flip their hair around to get the opposite sex to notice them, but be able to distinguish this from a girl just getting her hair out of her face. If she has her back to you and flips her hair over her shoulder and turns to look at you, this is a good sign. If she playfully twirls her hair with a purpose, and doesn't look absentminded, she could be signaling she would very much like for you to play with her hair.

The Stance
If a woman is standing with her arms folded, chances are she's closed off to you and not interested. If she stands with her hands on her hips, she could be strong-willed and bossy and would take charge in a relationship. If she stands with just one hand on her hips, she may be bringing attention to her curves and her body in a non-threatening way. A woman will stand with her feet apart if she is comfortable with you, or place her weight on one foot. If she is rigid and upright with her feet together, you probably do not have a chance with her.

Her Mouth
If a woman smiles a lot at you, licks or bites her lips or does other things to draw attention to her mouth, you should know right then that she wants you. It is an innate habit thousands of years old for women to use their mouths to indicate to a man that she wants sex. If she plays with her mouth a lot but her body is crossed or closed off to you, she may be a tease or just has chapped lips.

Her Eyes
If a woman's eyes are wandering while you're talking, and not up and down your body, she's bored with what you're saying. Refocus her attention by talking about her. If her eyes widen and her pupils dilate, she likes what she's hearing from you. Batting her eyelashes at you is the cliché, widely known flirtation, but also watch for heavy lids. If she looks at you with bedroom eyes, a gaze where her eyelids close slightly, she's feeling you. If she makes direct eye contact with you, she's confident and wants you to know so. This may also indicate she's willing to let you in and get to know her.

Her Hands
If she touches her clothing often, fidgets with buttons, zippers and anything along her neckline, such as a necklace, she wants you to notice her body. She may rub her hands over her neck and upper chest, or stretch and push out her chest. Also if she arches her back while facing you, it's an innate indicator that she wants you. If she touches your arm or leg while sitting, or your arm or stomach while standing, she's definitely interested, so subtly touch her arm or hands as well. The lightest touch can send a shockwave through her body that will leave her wanting more.

If your lady love is doing all the moves in combination, she's probably trying to tell you something. Men aren't as good at reading body language as women are, so keep a sharp lookout; if you are interested in her, respond to those signals.

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