He's Shy: How Do I Read His Body Language

While it is generally safe to assume that most guys probably are interested in almost any single female they lay their eyes on, it actually can be tricky sometimes to tell if a guy is interested or not. And if you're dealing with a shy guy, well you're going to need a little bit of help.

Shy people are great at disguising their feelings and covering up any tell-tale signs that non-shy guys exude when romantically interested in a female. But there's something that even shy guys can't always cover up, and that's his body language.

Learning to read a guy's body language can help reveal the secret thoughts and feelings behind the shy person's security blanket. Next time you're pulling out your hair trying to figure out if a shy dude is interested in you, just check for these easy signals coming from his body language.

Dresses to impress

Pay attention to how the shy guy dresses when he knows he will be seeing you. Shy guys tend to live in their own brains and over think little things that may escape many non-shy guys. If you notice a shy guy routinely sharply dressed when he "bumps in to you," it's a good sign that he's interested.

Another sign to watch out for is if he's constantly preening and adjusting himself in your presence. Does he have a habit of adjusting and straightening his shirt or his tie? If so, it means he wants to look his best for you, and it's a pretty good sign that he's interested.

On the other hand, just because a guy dresses and acts like a slob doesn't necessarily mean he is uninterested in you. But who wants to date a messy slob?

The man stance

When trying to impress a lady, men tend to take a particular stance. The stance usually includes the man's head being a little bit tilted to one side or the other, with his legs standing strong about shoulder-width apart. He will have his chest out and his gut in. His hands will probably be down at his sides, although he may be nervously fidgeting with something in his hands or clasping his belt or other waist-level object.

These signs will vary from guy to guy, and you can expect a shy guy to exhibit this stance very subtly.

Nervous Nellie

If you see the guy tapping his fingers or fidgeting with some arbitrary object in his hands, or even sweating and stuttering, these are all up for interpretation. It makes sense that a guy would be a little nervous talking to you if he's really interested, and if he's a shy guy then even more so. But how do you tell if the guy is shy or really wants to get away from you?

The biggest thing to look for when discerning a shy guy's level of interest is where he angles his body. Next time you're talking to him, see if he is usually angled towards or away from you. If a guy really is uninterested, he will show it by pointing his body away from you and towards the nearest exit.

However, if he's nervous because he likes you, he will generally be turned facing you for most of the time you're around.

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