How Can I Tell If My Man Is Lying

There are times when you would like to know if your man is lying to you. A man may lie for any number of reasons. It is often hard to tell if your boyfriend/husband is lying or telling the truth. There are ways to know if he is being truthful. One way you can tell if your man is lying to you, is by learning to accurately read his body language.

Watch for these little details to learn if your man if lying:

  • Eye contact may be fleeting. When he is lying it is hard for him to look you directly in the eye. He may glance away often. He may have no eye contact at all.
  • Hand to face contact may increase. He may cover his mouth or rub his eyes and nose often if he is lying.
  • Answers become delayed. When he is lying he needs time to think. His answers will come slower than in a normal conversation.
  • Hands will be turned palm down, or closed. This is a common nervous habit that many men develop when they are lying.
  • Nostrils may flare or open wide. Many liars develop this habit as well.
  • Breathing will become more pronounced. You may be able to hear audible breathing or heavier breathing when your man is lying to you.
  • Heart rate increases. When he is lying his heart may race. His face may flush, or sweating on the brow may occur.
  • Eyebrows may tense. Often when a man is lying his brow may furl or crease between the eyes. Watch for a wrinkled brow as a sign of untruthfulness.
  • His voice may become higher. If his voice becomes higher or his speech becomes faster, he may be lying.
  • Face and body may stiffen. If you can see a visible tightening in his face or body, chances are he is lying.

One good  tactic for outing a liar:

When your man is lying to you, his movements will change, he will become tense and his normal actions during conversation will become different. To test your man when you think he is lying, quickly change the subject. If he is lying this should change his movements and actions, he will suddenly become more relaxed. He wants the subject changed and will not question as to why you suddenly changed the subject as someone who is truthful would. This should help you tell if he is lying or not.

Reading body language is a great way to tell if your man is lying. Having a little knowledge about how a liar acts and moves should go a long way towards knowing what is true and what is a lie. Pay attention to how your man acts normally and learn to notice the differences when he is lying. These tips should help you to tell if your man is lying.

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