Interpreting Body Language: the Kiss on the Cheek

When it comes to a date, interpreting body language can be a frustrating and confusing experience. However, one of the most difficult signs to read is the kiss on the cheek: what it means for the date and how the person you are with sees you. You do not need a crystal ball for interpreting body language. Instead, all you need to do is take a big breath, step back and consider the date, the person you were with, and how you felt after the kiss.

First off, know that interpreting body language is not an exact art. A lot depends on the personalities of the two people involved and what the date was like. For example, if you are reserved and if the two of you had a low-key date, a kiss on the cheek could be a way for your date to show you that he or she would like to see you again.

Think about the personality of your date when interpreting his or her body language. If they are very religious or reserved, a kiss on the cheek may be a sign they really like you. However, if you are out with someone who appears confident and is extroverted, then a kiss on the cheek could mean that he or she just wants to be friends with you.

Sadly, a kiss on the cheek could also be a form of nonverbal communication that says that your date is not interested in you in a romantic sense. After all, a kiss on the cheek is not as intimate or as romantic as a kiss on the lips. However, if this is a first date, there is still hope. However, if you have been out a few times and all you have gotten is a kiss on the cheek, then it might be time to move on.

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