Is He Into You or Just Being Polite

Chivalry isn't exactly dead, but it's much rarer than it used to be. Many women are often so thrown by a held door or a sweet gesture that they start to think that a gentleman is actually an amorous Prince Charming. If he's being polite, so goes the logic, he must be interested. Right?

Not necessarily. Sometimes the signals a man is throwing your way through his body language and demeanor really do signify that he's into you, but often it comes down to the simple fact that his mother raised him right and he - gasp! - actually believes in treating women with respect and charm. Before you start crafting your wedding guest list, learn how to separate romantic signs from good old fashioned chivalry.

He Listens to What You're Saying
He remembers the details of your last conversation and asks questions to learn more. His eyes aren't glazing over as you tell your stories.

Check out where his eyes move as you two are speaking:

  • If he looks away as you're speaking, the odds are good that he is a really good listener and interested in what you have to say, if not necessarily interested in pursuing a romantic connection.
  • If he locks eyes with you and doesn't look away, this suggests that he's trying not only to follow what you're saying, but he's interested in further figuring you out.
  • If his eyes move to your mouth, the signals he's throwing are amorous. He's listening to you, but there's a part of his mind that's wondering what it would be like to kiss you.

He Holds the Door
A woman can be as independent as can be, but the fact remains that sometimes it's just nice to have a door held open for her. If a gent holds the door open for you, look closely to see what it might suggest:

  • If he looks down or away, he is chivalrous and respectful. Odds are good that he just thought that a lady shouldn't have to pull open a door herself.
  • If he looks at you with a smile, he's likely trying to gauge your reaction to his sign of good manners. This can be a playful yet subtle way of flirting with you and testing the romantic waters.
  • If he follows you through the door and places his hand on your back, he's chivalrous and into you. If a guy is seeking out a way to touch you without seeming creepy, this is a major sign of attraction.
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While not everyone will exhibit the same physical signs when they are experiencing attraction, there are many common body language signs of attraction you can look for when trying to determine if someone is interested in you. 

Reading anyone is a difficult task, but reading a man's body language when you're interested in him can be particularly frustrating. If you learn to take the signs as they come and resist overanalyzing, you just might decode your man's body language.

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Reading body language requires being perceptive and picking up on the cues being sent your way.

As a single woman, perfecting the skill of reading male body language is invaluable. 

While every person is unique, there are common body language when falling in love cues to look for in your sweetie.

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