Ladies: Tell Him You Are Interested With Body Language

If you've got your eye on a man but aren't ready to try the direct approach, it's time to turn on all your nonverbal cues. It's simpler than it sounds, ladies. Tell him you are interested with body language, and he might just get the message even if you've never uttered a word.

Look and listen

Keeping eye contact with someone is a common way to show that you're interested in what he's saying. It shows that you're paying attention. Eye contact isn't always seductive, but it can be. You can take things from polite to playful by adding different expressions and attitudes behind your eye contact. Raising an eyebrow, look coyly out of the corner of your eye, or, if you're very brave, try locking him in an intense stare for a second or two.

Stay open, stay positive

A lot of subtlety can come through in body language, but there is one very common way to evaluate a certain posture: whether it's open or closed. Taking a defensive stance (like putting your hands on your hips or crossing your arms) could send the signal that you'd rather not be approached. Instead, keep your posture open and inviting. Lean in to your guy of interest when he's talking, and try to stay relaxed. Someone who seems comfortable and confident is always more approachable than someone who seems anxious or on edge.

A simple touch

Human beings have an amazing response to being touched. In fact, Business Psychology reported on an interesting study in which customers who were touched lightly (and almost imperceptibly) by workers in a store had a much higher opinion of the store and were likely to spend more money than those who were not touched. So go ahead: Touch-a, touch-a, touch him. But be subtle about it. No need to grab a thigh or slap a butt -- instead, try patting him on the shoulder to get his attention, or skim his arm as you sit down near him. He'll notice.

You know that saying that claims 90 percent of what you say is nonverbal? There's a reason, ladies. Tell him you're interested with body language, and you'll be sure that you're always saying the right thing -- even if you haven't opened your mouth.

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