Reading a Guy's Body Language if He's Shy

While the stereotypical male is often portrayed as a pick-up-line tossing, love -em and leave -em wolf on the prowl, that description is a common misconception, especially when it comes to the shy guy. Many men know exactly what it is they want in a woman but are afraid or unable to express themselves in a way that is understandable or meaningful. Reading a guy's body language if he's shy can be difficult, but there are several clear signs that might indicate whether or not the guy is interested.

The level of attention a shy guy displays toward you can be the first sign he is interested. If your prospective love interest seems distracted or pays little attention when you are together, this is an important sign. If he is truly interested in a relationship, even if he isn't saying much, he will be attentive. Walking away, answering his phone or watching other people (especially other women) when he is with you are clear indications that shyness may not be the problem.

Your response to this might be, "Well, he seems attentive at times, but he's always looking away when I try to talk to him. Does that mean he's not interested?" That leads to a second important sign a shy guy is interested-eye contact. Search for little tells from him. Does he look intensely into your eyes, even for just brief moments? Does he take little peeks at you when he thinks you're not looking and then quickly avert his eyes when you catch him? Someone not interested in you will not be looking at you in these ways.

An easily embarrassed shy guy can be a third sign he is attracted to you. If he says something silly, stumbles or spills his drink, does his face redden quickly? Does he laugh nervously when he's around you? Embarrassment is a sign a person values how they are perceived. Someone who is uninterested won't care how you react, but an interested shy guy's heart will be in his throat if he feels he has just made a fool of himself in front of you. Use this to your advantage. Such a faux pas can be a great opportunity for you to get him to open up. Give him a caring smile or a touch of your hand. If all else fails, the ever-reliable bumping of heads as you both bend to pick up a dropped object is always quite convenient.

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Reading anyone is a difficult task, but reading a man's body language when you're interested in him can be particularly frustrating. If you learn to take the signs as they come and resist overanalyzing, you just might decode your man's body language.

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