Reading Male Body Language

The skill of reading male body language is invaluable. Wondering if he's attracted to you, flirting with you or ready to head for the hills, the basics of men's body language can help explain what's going on in his head.

Remember the old saying about how the eyes are the window to the soul? Well, they might be the windows to his flirtation, too. Reading male body language starts with his eyes. If he glances your way, that's a good sign, but if he lets his eye linger, even better. Or if he does the triple-take, glancing over not one, not two, but three times, you can bet he'll start up a conversation with you. Then, once you start talking, watch his eye contact, if he keeps his eye locked with yours, that's a good sign-wandering eyes are not. And finally, if he raises his eyebrows during your conversation in a surprise expression, it's a sign that he's interested.

Watch what guys do with their hands. Even subtle gestures can be obvious clues when reading male body language. If he's holding a drink and starts sliding his fingers up and down the glass or bottle, you can bet he's interested. Similarly, he might stroke his tie if he's wearing a suit. Another sign that he's into you-if he touches his face while he's talking to you, it can indicate that's he's slightly insecure or nervous around you, which is a good thing. And finally, if puts his hands on his hips or hooks them in his belt loops, it's a dead giveaway that he wants to make a move.

On the Move
Men's body language clues can surface when they're moving around the room, too. If he has a slight swagger in his walk as he comes toward you, it's a sign that he's trying to show off his masculinity. Once he's by your side watch to see if he moves in closer to screen you off from other guys-he wants to block out the competition. Or he could come closer to your personal space by reaching out and touching your arm as he speaks.

And finally, just like women play with their hair and make sure they're looking hot when a guy they like is around, guys also primp to impress. If he's into you, he might smooth out his hair, adjust his collar, straighten his sleeves or adjust his tie. 

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While not everyone will exhibit the same physical signs when they are experiencing attraction, there are many common body language signs of attraction you can look for when trying to determine if someone is interested in you. 

Reading anyone is a difficult task, but reading a man's body language when you're interested in him can be particularly frustrating. If you learn to take the signs as they come and resist overanalyzing, you just might decode your man's body language.

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