Reading Body Language in a Shy Guy

Does he like you, or doesn't he? Sometimes a shy guy tries too hard to hide his feelings and ends up projecting a "no way!" vibe, even though he's actually sighing dreamily whenever you walk into the room. Women crushing on shy guys therefore have to do a bit of reading body language to see if he's interested-but-shy, or if he's actually sending out signs that he's not interested at all.

Any man who is interested in you will be checking you out-shy guys are just sneakier about it. If he's looking off in an odd direction every time he looks your way, he's probably hoping that you didn't notice him staring (again). Either that, or he's really interested in ceiling tiles and light bulbs.

Remember that shy guys are often too scared to make eye contact. If he'll look at you from across the room but looks away when you're in conversation, he's probably just shy. If he never looks at you, then it's more than likely he's not interested.

Since group situations are easier for shy guys to handle, invite a group he feels comfortable in out for lunch. See if he chooses to sit near or next to you. If he sits as far from you as he possibly can, he's not into you.

Conversation is an art, and not many shy guys have mastered it. That being said, a shy guy who tries to make you smile, complements you and asks you questions about your interests and hobbies probably likes you. If he mumbles one-word replies and acts bored, he's not interested.

Men love to help a damsel in distress, and a shy guy who can help may feel confident enough to let it slip that he's attracted to you. If you have a problem with your computer, bike or bookshelf, ask him for help. If he is happy to help out, he's into you. If he says he can't help or doesn't have time, then he's not.

Here's a tip: If you know he's shy and you think he might be flirting with you, he probably is. Shy guys are usually too scared to make their flirting obvious, and he won't make a move unless he's sure he won't be rejected. It's up to you to break the ice.

Next time you think he's flirting, flirt back and see what happens. You might just find yourself with a shy new boyfriend!

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