Guide to Numerology Compatibility

Numerology compatibility calculations are very cut and dry. Unlike tarot card readings or astrological readings, numerology is a numbers based - and therefore very straightforward - compatibility reading.

Numerology takes into account the numerical values of your full given birth name and birth date plus the numerical values of your partner's full given birth name and birth date. These numbers are compared, resulting in a compatibility rating on several levels. These ratings tell you how likely you are to have a harmonious friendship, dating relationship or life partnership, depending on which readings you are interested in calculating.

The beauty of numerology compatibility is the fact that anyone can calculate out a reading if they have the patience to do so. The entire process involves assigning numerical values to letter characters according to the following chart:

1 - A, J, S
2 - B, K, T
3 - C, L, U
4 - D, M, V
5 - E, N, W
6 - F, O, X
7 - G, P, Y
8 - H, Q, Z
9 - I, R

Then you reduce the values down to be one of the following numbers: 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,11 or 22.

You'll use birth dates also, breaking down, adding together and reducing down birth dates to numerology numbers. This is done by adding individual digits together until you get one of the acceptable numbers listed above.

The difference combinations of letter characters or birth date values will tell you different things about each person and the relationship as a whole. Each numerology number is believed to vibrate at a different frequency. Some of the frequencies are considered harmonious or opposing in predetermined ways.

You can do a numerology reading yourself once you understand how to translate the letter characters to numerical values, reduce those numbers down to the numerology numbers and then learn which numbers are friendly or compatible with which numbers and in what ways those numbers interact or repel. A numerology compatibility report may help you identify what areas of a relationship need attention or will be more stressful, making it a helpful tool.

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