Exploring Numerology Number Meanings

Curious about numerology number meanings? Are you wondering how about the significance of numbers that repeatedly come up in your life? The following is an explanation of the historical significance of different numerology number meanings.

The numerology number meanings are as follows: 0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,11 and 22. All other numbers are reduced down to this numbers by adding the individual digits until the sum equals one of the numbers listed above.

Zero - 0
Zero is astrologically linked to the moon. It represents all things empty, void or formless. It symbolizes both the essence of all things and nothing, acceptance and wholeness.

One - 1
One is astrologically linked to the sun. It represents oneness with divinity, God the Father, independence, domination, and creative leadership.

Two - 2
Two is astrologically linked with the moon. It represents oneness with the sacred feminine, comfort, softness, cooperation and sympathy.

Three - 3
Three has numerology number meanings linked with the planet Mercury. It is associated with the Holy Trinity and the concepts of beginning-middle-and-end. The number three represents charm, gregarious character, excellence in communication and hedonism.

Four - 4
Four is astrologically linked with the planet Venus and Earth. It represents solid, reliable substances. It is often associated with the four elements: earth, fire, water and air. The number four represents stability, caution, dependability and steadfast loyalty.

Five - 5
Five has numerology number meanings that are astrologically linked with the planet Mars. It is associated with the five fingers on each hand and the five senses. The number five represents optimism, liveliness, adventure, travel and impatience.

Six - 6
Six is astrologically linked with the planet Venus. It is associated with perfection because it is a factor of the numbers 1,2 and 3, and because the six sides of a cube can be transformed into the shape of a cross. The number six represents equilibrium, perfection, fidelity, warmth and family.

Seven - 7
Seven is astrologically linked to the planet Jupiter. It is associated with the seventh day of the week, known as the Sabbath. It is a mystically significant number, attracting much attention all throughout history, especially in religious circles. The number seven represents mysticism, scholarly pursuits, philosophy and solitude.

Eight - 8
Eight is astrologically linked to the planet Saturn. It is associated with cyclical patterns, resurrection and pursuit of higher consciousness. The number eight represents material wealth, leadership, management and new beginnings.

Nine - 9
Nine is astrologically linked to the planet Uranus. It is associated with the concept of completeness and human gestation period of nine months. The number nine represents humanitarian efforts, altruism, generosity and compassion.

Eleven - 11
Eleven's numerology number meanings are linked to the planet Neptune. The number eleven is considered a master number, being the number two enhanced to a higher vibration, meaning anyone who is associated with the number eleven is very spiritual, idealistic and visionary.

Twenty-Two - 22
Twenty-two is astrologically linked to the planet Venus. It is considered a master number in numerology, being a 4 with a raised consciousness. The number eleven represents excellence in building and creating, with a humanitarian bent.

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