How to Kiss and Make Up

Knowing how to kiss and make up after a fight is important in strengthening your relationship. Bickering, arguing and full-blown verbal battles are simply a part of life for any relationship. When blowups occur, there are bound to be wounded egos and hurt feelings on both sides. While some people try to just go on as if the fight never happened, the healthiest thing to do is to find a resolution. 

Give yourself a chance to cool down
Rather than giving a halfhearted apology just to end the fight, walk away and cool off for awhile. Things might be a bit clearer after removing yourself from the situation for a bit. Revisit the discussion later, when cooler heads have prevailed. Trying to make up while there is still tension in the air is usually pointless and will probably not lead to the "kiss and make up" stage.

Admit your mistakes
During an argument, no matter who is actually right, chances are you have both said things to the other that were out of line. Take responsibility for your actions, reactions and mistaken opinions and admit when you have done something wrong. Things will return to normal faster when you are a big enough person to admit your mistakes.

Listen to their point
Even when you are convinced that your ideas and opinions are correct, step back and consider the thoughts of your partner. By keeping an open mind to their ideas and an open line of communication, recovering from arguments can be easier. You may even learn something along the way.

Apologize, even if you're right
When you have done something wrong, no matter how small, apologize for your transgressions. Be sincere and specific about your apology and accept any apologies that are offered to you. If they apologize first, give them more than a "thank you." Offer a return apology and watch the tone of your relationship improve. You'll be ready to kiss and make up in no time.

There will always be disagreements in a relationship and making up will always be fun - as long as it is done the right way. By listening and apologizing, hurt feelings can quickly be overcome and the fun part of making up can begin.

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After an argument, apologizing can be tough. Many people have a hard time swallowing their pride or are confused about how to begin, which leads to more relationship problems. Apologizing takes time and thought: You have to be sure you mean it before you express remorse.

Conflict resolution techniques will help your relationship remain happy and healthy, despite the expected bumps in the road.

If couples therapy isn't working, then it might be time to not only end the counseling but possibly your relationship. It's good to try and work things out, but you don't want to force things.
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