Conversation Starters

When beginning a relationship with someone, regardless of whether it is a friendship or romantic relationship, the first step is getting to know that person. One of the keys components to getting to know someone is looking and listening to them.

·        Observe the things a person does.

-Is there anything they do similarly to the way you do them?

-Anything completely different?

-Ask about them, it may lead to a short conversation or a long one nevertheless it will provide insight into what type of person they are.

·        Listen to their conversation with other people.

-What do they talk about?

-What do they joke about?

-Do you have any knowledge on the topics?

-What can you add on to their conversation?

-If you don?'t have any background knowledge, are their conversation subjects of any interest to you? Ask them about it, it?'s a sure fire way to induce a conversation as well as show the other person you?'re willing to invest the time to learn about things that are important to them.

When all else fails ask thought provoking questions that require more than just a one or two sentence response; Questions that will provide the person with the opportunity to really open up and share a part of themselves with you. Some examples of these questions are:

·        Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
·        If money (nor family approval) was not an option what would be your career choice be and why?
·        What'?'s one thing that people would never guess about you and you usually wouldn?'t share with someone?
·        Describe yourself as an animal, extinct or presently in existence? How does the animal relate to you and why?
·        If born in any other time period what would it be and why?

These are just a few examples of unusual questions that will force a person to stop and think before answering. The answers to questions such as these are unconscious indicators of character traits the other person possesses as well as how they think.

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