Couples Conversation Starters

The key to good couple's conversation starters is to always use starters that start a conversation, not a fight. Being able to talk again can help you re-connect with each other and sustain the relationship. The relaxed conversation can also lead to helpful hints about the health of your relationship. You can reflect upon the chats for help with buying gifts, thinking of romantic ideas or planning dates.

What is the silliest fight we've ever had?
This question is a great way to relieve some tension without starting a new fight. It may have been that three-hour blow-out about who ate the last piece of pizza or the time somebody forgot to clean the bathroom before a dinner party. It doesn't matter what it was, as long as you both can look back on it and laugh.

What do you think was the most romantic moment we have ever had?
This question should take you both for a walk down a lovely memory lane. You can reflect upon the romance and, hopefully, rekindle that feeling.

What would you do if you won $5 million?
Everybody is allowed to dream a little, and winning money is one of the most popular daydreams. The answer to this question helps you both envision goals and wants for your shared future. It's also fun to reflect on and get silly with, such as deciding what kind of extremely nice car you would both get.

What is one of the reasons you said yes to our first date?
This question should evoke a sweet memory that you both can share. Remembering what first attracted you is usually a boost to the relationship. You talk about your reactions to that first date and compare notes.

What is your favorite all-time cartoon character?
This is a silly and meaningless question that can be fun to ponder and debate. It avoids that chance of any real fight while giving you both something amusing to reflect on.

What's the best movie you've seen lately?
If you've seen the movie together, you can compare and contrast your views on it. If you didn't see the movie together, you get a chance to learn a little about the plot and have a great idea for date night.

If you could take one room in our home and do anything with it, what would you do?
This question relieves your spouse from having to think too seriously. It's the type of question that can be pondered for a bit, and then played with by both of you. It also helps both of you imagine your continued future together.

These couple's conversation starters work with neighbors, colleagues and friends.   

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