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Scrolling through the mind of a man is something scientist would call a never ending journey through uncalculated abyss. A man is a simple creature, we know what we want and strive to get it. In doing so we hide that emotional value that woman are so in tuned with. Woman look at a relationship like a job, they put a lot into it and hope their work will end up growing into something lucrative in the end; Lucrative meaning a husband and maybe even a family. Men never weigh those types of options, they live through the "whatever happens, happens clause." Putting the relationship to the side while they pursue dreams and aspirations that were planted in them before the relationship had even started.

Some would say titles are the biggest demons to a relationship; publicly expressing ones dedication to another human being has always plagued many. Either some outsider crawls into the mix or the pressure gets to the two entities involved in the decree called a boyfriend or girlfriend. There are countless stories of couples who been together numerous years, and once they become "exclusive" they become bitter enemies. That's just the pressures of society poisoning a good thing. It takes time and understanding to move into the next step called a relationship and these are the signs that will help you decipher when you are "more than friends."

"More than friends," the three words that every man despises, but are subjected too at some point in their lives. The way to notice them is too pay attention to the motives and actions of a woman. Woman will begin to do things she wouldn't normally do with a man she is just getting to know. Number one she will open up with you, not only in an emotional way, but in a comfortable borderline gross way. Meaning she will use the rest room with the door open and continue your conversation, or even more disgustingly she will do other unnecessary things that ironically because you are so comfortable with her that you don't even mind. Number two is that she will start doing things in two's, for example when she goes shopping she will buy her man something as well, when she cooks breakfast she will bring two plates to the bedroom. These signs are hinting to you, that she is willing to do anything to be around you and she enjoys being around you. She is at the understanding point that you are "more than friends."

"More than friends," the favorite three little words a woman has to offer. She enjoys these words; she waits for the right time to drop them on a man. Especially after they have spent numerous hours alone together and felt that passion she has been looking for. Woman! Before you jump into that lion's den to ask those words to a man who has yet established that he wants a relationship, just take a second to notice the signs. Number one a man will start calling you his "woman" in public, and he will add you to his everyday plans even if he is with his friends he doesn't mind having you around. Number two he will start to open up about his dreams and in those dreams he will add a space for you if he feels that connection. A man doesn't want to rush at all he wants to let things happen and that's where some woman become overbearing, in part driving their potential boyfriends away.

Relationships were not created to be forced, they were meant to be a sign of commitment, and that is where communication plays the most important role. Talk about what you both are looking for and let that become a goal you are in search for together. The problem with a lot of relationships is that men and women have two totally different goals for each other and they never talk about it until they clash and it blows up in their faces. For example, a woman is in a relationship looking for a boyfriend and something concrete and man is in that same relationship hoping to establish his career and then make the relationship concrete, but they never talk about it until that woman becomes fed up with waiting. These scenarios happen all the time and it's because they never took time to notice the signs or ask the question of are we "more than friends."


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