Sweet Things to Say to Your Boyfriend

Do you ever wonder about sweet things to say to your boyfriend that will let him know just how much you care? There's a sure-fire way to get to your guy's soft spot and knowing just the right sweet things to say to your boyfriend can find it like nothing else can.

Sweet things to say to your boyfriend might include letting him know just how cute you think that dimple in his chin is. They might include telling him how much you admire his ability to fix a car, write a computer program or do whatever it is he has a particular knack for doing. Your boyfriend always likes to hear how you think he is special-and that his special strengths and quirks are further evidence that he is the only guy for you.

Other sweet things to say to your boyfriend include telling him how he makes you feel. Is your guy the one who makes you feel safe and secure, protected and cherished? Let him now. Sweet things to say to your boyfriend will also include telling him how his romancing  makes your heart beat faster and even leaves you breathless.

Remember, though, that communication isn't just about finding sweet things to say to your boyfriend. It also means you need to be sincere in the things you do say. Don't tell him you think he's the best kisser ever if you aren't really thrilled with the way his lips meet yours. In fact, in a case like that, it's best not to say anything at all-if you can get away with it. Instead, show him the way you want to be kissed-by kissing him that way. You need to be super-sensitive in this area though. The last thing you want to do is to crush your boyfriend's feelings. Just gently let him know through a little subtle smooching action- which he'll find the sweetest communication of all.

Of course, when it comes to sweet things to say to your boyfriend, telling him just how much you care about him-and only him-is about as sweet as it can get.

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