Top Five Dating Conversation Topics

Dating is never easy, and it can be hard, in a pinch, to think about dating conversation topics when you're feeling stressed. Thus, it can help to consider the top dating conversation tips to use when a conversation comes to a lull or as a way to keep the mood light and fun.

1. Favorites
One of the best dating tips a person can receive is to seem interested in a person's life when it comes to the date. Asking about their favorite things is a great way to gain insight into your date's personality and interests. Ask about everything from their favorite book to their favorite job to their favorite films and music.

2. Hypotheticals
One of the best ways to get to know a person and to keep a conversation moving is to ask what they would do if they had a million dollars or other hypothetical situations. You can make these serious or funny. In fact, these go-to questions can really lighten a mood and help you to see more of a person's personality and interests.

3. Pop culture and the news
Ask them about what is going on in the news and in pop culture and what they think about it. For example, if it's an election year, you could ask about their opinions; if a celebrity has had a meltdown, you could ask their thoughts about this. Scan the headlines before your date and ask your date if they have heard the latest news or pop culture tidbits.

4. Goals
A great way to get to know your date and keep the conversation moving is to ask about what this person wants for the future. You can ask about both personal goals and professional goals. Once your date answers, ask them how they came to decide on these goals. The more follow-up questions and the more specific these questions are, the better.

5. Work
Talking about work can be sexy, especially if someone is in their dream job. Ask about what they do, what they'd like to be doing in the next five years and what drew them into this career. You can find out a lot about a person by where they work, what they do, and whether or not they like their job.

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The only way to get to know your date is by talking to them, but you may not know which date conversation topics work when getting to know someone for the very first time. Here are a few safe subjects.

Communication is important on a date, and, if you're with someone quiet, it can make things difficult. After all, you won't get to know a date if they won't talk. Resist the urge to write this person off: You never know what's behind the quiet demeanor.
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While it's important not to dominate a conversation during a party or date, it's always wise to have interesting topics of conversation ready, just in case.

Conversation starters are great when you're feeling at a loss for words. Having some interesting questions or leading remarks tucked away helps make sure you never have one of those terrible, silent dates.
Couples conversation starters can allow a longtime pair a chance to reconnect through playful banter or reflection, therefore keeping the spice alive.
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