Common Communication Problems

You can overcome communication problems in your relationship. Do the phrases, "mmmhmm," "yes dear" or "whatever you say, honey" sound familiar? All too often in relationships, we utter these knee jerk responses to what our partners tell us. Sometimes it is the result of being temporarily distracted, but this response can also signify that a partnership has fallen victim to some of the common communication problems in relationships. If addressed openly and quickly, such obstacles can be overcome, but there is also the risk that these problems signify a deeper problem in the relationship.

Do you hear me?
Odds are good that you wonder occasionally whether your partner really listens to you or not. He can repeat back what you said and carry on a conversation with you, but has he been paying attention or is he just parroting?

Communicating without listening is among the most common communication problems in a relationship. You may not realize that you're not paying attention, but tuning your partner out happens more often than you think. Put yourself in the here and now and work at being a more attentive listener.

Keep your cool
Couples often only talk about things when there is an immediate problem. Doing so can sully the attitude we have about communication in general. By communicating when something has immediately upset you, it can be impossible to see the other person's side or understand his point of view. Communicating when each of you has had a chance to cool off can help you avoid this common communication problem in your relationship.

Leave the past buried
Have you ever had a conversation with your spouse that starts out one way and ends up in an entirely different direction? You don't remember bringing up the credit card statement but somehow, that's where you've ended up. Conversations can quickly get out of hand and lose focus when you bring past problems or issues into them. Even if something is minutely related to what you're discussing, avoid talking about it and keep focused on the current topic.

If you find yourself falling victim to one or more of these common communication problems in relationships, it may be time to make more time for good conversation. Have a positive discussion on things that you are happy about or plans you'd like to make together. By having an upbeat conversation you will be more open to hearing what the other person is saying and focusing your attention in a constructive manner.

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Good communication in relationships can help ward off major problems. If you and your partner listen to each another and work together toward a solution whenever conflicts arise, you can build the base for a stronger relationship.

If the people to whom you are communicating are constantly missing your points, it might be time to freshen up on effective communication skills.

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It is important to understand communication styles people use to get their points across.

If you're dating a woman, communication styles are something you need to know about. If you can learn to speak her language, you can make a woman feel at ease and truly listen to what she has to say.

Avoiding communication breakdown means knowing where both you and your partner stand regarding the relationship.

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