Dealing With Communication Breakdown

If you can avoid communication breakdown, you can make sure your relationship won't push up daisies. She loves me. She loves me not. She loves me? Sometimes judging where you stand in a relationship is like picking petals; you may as well leave it to chance because the communication is missing.

Communication is key, if not "the key." A lack or breakdown of communication is the root of all problems in a relationship. This can be communication between you and your partner or between you and yourself. There are many signs that indicate that communication has gone south.

1. Recurrent Arguments / Complaints
-Between you and your partner: You and your partner have not explained your opposing opinions on something clearly. Instead assumptions are made, and unreal expectations are put on each other. This communication breakdown and unwillingness or refusal to understand the other party and come to a compromise will lead to relationship stress.
-Between you and yourself: You have not been true to yourself about what you want in the relationship. Unresovled issues mean that you only pretended to be okay with the outcome.

2. No Complaints/Too Happy
-Between you and your partner: Someone is hiding something. It is impossible to be content with situations 100% of the time. Not complaining is a virtue, but, if it is true, then your actions and affection should not change. Consistency is necessary, so you might as well be heard if you are unhappy about something. Otherwise, you risk a communication breakdown.
-Between you and yourself: You are lying to yourself and setting yourself up for disappointment. Don't expect anyone to change if you haven't told them what you want.

3. Break in Routine
-Between you and your partner: If there is a change in a communication routine, then there is an underlying issue. "Why isn't he calling?" you ask. Find out, so that you don't have to assume the reason for the communication breakdown.
-Between you and yourself: You are telling yourself that something needs to change.

4. Out-of-the-Blue Issues
-Between you and your partner: Someone is holding something back. It may be a surprise to one person but probably not the other. That's because someone has had an issue on his mind that should have been discussed earlier.
-Between you and yourself: You were not honest to yourself about an issue that was "resolved," or you have formulated a thought after the fact that may not be accurate.

5. No Talking
-Between you and your partner: Obviously, if you are not talking then communication is limited. Refusal or reluctance to speak (when necessary) indicates that there is a lack of interest in the relationship. Silence is important, but so is the channel for communication.
-Between you and yourself: You have lost it!

Unfortunately signs of communication breakdown are not always obvious. If you can spot them before entering a relationship, then you can dodge a lot of bullets, but communication problems are inevitable. Being able to recognize them is half the battle. The other half is understanding that there will be communication differences, and you should be willing to talk about them and get relationship help.

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Good communication in relationships can help ward off major problems. If you and your partner listen to each another and work together toward a solution whenever conflicts arise, you can build the base for a stronger relationship.

If the people to whom you are communicating are constantly missing your points, it might be time to freshen up on effective communication skills.

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It is important to understand communication styles people use to get their points across.

Communication problems in relationships do more than leave one or both people exasperated in the moment. They can signify a deeper issue and lead to further relationship problems down the road.

If you're dating a woman, communication styles are something you need to know about. If you can learn to speak her language, you can make a woman feel at ease and truly listen to what she has to say.

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