Five Most Effective Communication Skills

Effective communication skills have obvious impact over a person's ability to communicate effectively. Communication skills are something everybody needs to use in almost every aspect of their lives. While most skills focus on speech concepts, remember that everything you do, from your posture to your eye contact, can impact your overall ability to communicate.

  1. The ability to listen is the most important skill for effective communication. There is no way to communicate with another person if you cannot listen and analyze what they are saying. You need to actively listen and engage in the communication for the skill to work. Passively listening while you daydream just doesn't get the job done. Try envisioning the subject at hand while reflecting on what's being said.
  1. The ability to be direct has a huge impact on effective communication. When it takes you forever to make a point, minds begin to wander. You lose peoples attention and try their patience. Obviously, you want to keep your manners in check, and avoid being rude. However, outside of good manners, it's always best to get to the point.
  1. The ability to be flexible is important in any kind of communication. You must be open to both different ideas and different modes of communication. The more avenues you leave open, the more successful you communication skills will be. When you go into any type of communication with a rigid attitude, you're communicating in a tone of animosity.
  1. The ability to be patient is a vital skill in most aspects of communication. If you're rushing to speak, you're not listening to what others have to say. If you thinking about what a waste of time the communication is, you've already written it off. Use patience to stay in step with the matter at hand.
  1. The ability to use empathy is important if you plan on communicating with anyone besides yourself. You have to stop and think about how a person will feel about what you say. Feelings being communicated are just as important as the actual words. 
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