How to Tell If Someone Is Lying

Do you know how to tell if someone is lying if you suspect there are people in your life who can't or won't tell it to you straight? The signs can be either subtle or obvious, but you can almost always figure out if a person is lying to you. Know what to look for to catch someone red handed.

If you suspect someone is lying or would have a reason to lie, there's a good chance that they are. Trust your instincts, but remember not to hurt a friend by accusing him or her of lying when you don't have adequate evidence or a reason to back up your claim. Just simply figure out their mannerisms and determine whether the signs are telling you that dishonesty is at play.

How to Tell if Someone is Lying: Body Movement
A person may either be fidgety or freeze if being interrogated or is lying about something. If your typically free moving roommate stands rigid when you ask her if she borrowed your shirt, she could be lying. Alternately, if someone overly uses mannerisms it could be a sign they are lying because they are trying to convince you by distracting you through hand motions and gestures.

How to Tell if Someone is Lying: Eye Contact
If a person is avoiding looking at you directly in the face, consider this a sign. Many people can't look a person in the eye and lie at the same time. There are some people out there who do feel uncomfortable looking people in eye during normal conversation, however, so look for other clues before deciding whether or not a lie is at the root of the eye avoidance. In addition to not making eye contact, a person looking up or down is often in the midst of a fib.

Covering Part of the Face or Mouth
This is inadvertently done by many people when they lie; it stems from a childhood habit of literally covering up a lie that is being told. They may be suppressing a guilty gin or not even realize they are doing it. Unless they normally cover their face or touch their mouth when speaking, this could be a sign they are being dishonest

Rise in Voice
If the pitch of their voice gets higher, or the volume of their voice gets louder, this could be a good indicator. Lying usually makes people nervous and when people are nervous they tend to break out of their typical speaking voice.

Wide Eyes or Dilated Pupils
If a person gets an innocent look on her face when you interrogate her, it is most likely because she is lying. Facial expressions do not tend to change as much when a person is telling the truth.

Overly Defensive
If a person gets overly defensive if you accuse him of something, almost to the point of irrationality, it is most likely that he is lying.  Try not to be too accusing of someone who you think may be lying, though, because they probably will be defensive even if they are telling the truth!

Don't jump to the conclusion a person is lying if she only displays one or two of the signs. There could be other reasons for her to be nervous or distracted. You probably have a good case, however, if you see multiple signs or know the person well enough to catch differences in behavior and speech. Be careful once you know how to tell if someone is lying because this means other people may know if you're lying also.

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