Overcome Controlling Behavior

Controlling behavior can get out of control and is negatively affecting the people around them. However, once a person realizes this, they can start figuring out why they are so controlling and how to overcoming this behavior.

The first step to working on your controlling behavior is to realize how and when you are controlling. Make a list of when you have been controlling and situations where this behavior is amplified. Ask family members and friends for help with this list-part of the battle is to know when you're acting this way.

When you are controlling around loved ones, ask them to come up with a code word that will help you notice your behavior. This will help you become more aware of your surroundings and patterns in your behavior.

Consider why you like things a certain way or why you are exhibiting controlling behavior. The best relationship advice is to work towards having a equal relationship with your loved ones-this is a time to consider not only how your controlling behavior is affecting the people in your life but where this behavior comes from.

Brainstorm ways to work through your controlling behavior. When you feel the need to correct someone or to ask about their plans, instead give them a compliment or count to ten so that you can think about whether you really need to say what you're thinking. A lot of people are controlling because they are anxious or angry, so when you feel a spell coming on, take a time out, squeeze a stress ball or try wearing a rubber band around your wrist so that you can play with it instead of falling into old behaviors.

If you feel as if you can not deal with your controlling behavior, consider counseling. You may need professional help to cope with a lifetime of controlling behavior. It just might help you keep your loved ones from running away from you. 

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