How to Know When Your Relationship Is Over

Figuring out how to know when your relationship is over is far from easy. It's painful, but in the end you're doing the right thing. When both people realize that the relationship isn't working any more, cut your losses, move on and begin the healing process.

Common Breakup Scenarios
There are two scenarios which you might experience. In the first case, the relationship is slowly slipping away, and you are beginning to resent one another and fight all the time. Neither person may be cheating or looking for something new; they just know that this relationship has run its course, and it's time to move on. The second scenario is that you're picking up signs from your partner that they want out. Either they're interested in someone else or are extremely unhappy. In this case, it's best to face facts and deal with the reality instead of trying to fix it.

Subtle Signs
When the relationship is on the downward slope, you might need some breakup advice, as it isn't always easy to tell when your partner is tuning out, at least at first. Your partner may forget to call on important days, like your birthday or anniversary, or he might want to stop going out to functions or social gatherings with you. You may also notice that the manner in which he treats you or speaks to you begins to change.

On the flip side, you might be the one thinking of ending the relationship for many reasons. Sometimes in relationships where couples have been together a long time, one person may see the other person begin to change, for better or for worse. You might realize that the direction your partner is going in isn't where you want to be, and you've just grown apart.

Obvious Signs
A more serious sign would be that the two of you are constantly fighting with one another, or even worse, both of you have become passive aggressive. This creates a wall between couples that is hard to ever break down. When things have gotten to this level, you may want to consider splitting up. The final relationship-ending sign is that you always feel annoyed with your partner, not in love with your partner. Once the love is gone, it's hard to get back.

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