Is He Married Here are the Signs

It's a worst-case scenario: You think you've found a great person to date, and then you start to think he's married. If you suspect the man of your dreams is wed to another, there are bound to be signs to answer the question "is he married?".

Suspecting that he's married in the first place is a major sign. You wouldn't have these suspicions unless there were signs (or you were severely paranoid). Think about the time you spend together: Does he always want to stay in? If this is the case or if he only takes you places out of town, it could be a sign he's worried about being seen with you.

Think about how he acts with you in public: Is he affectionate, or does he treat you like a sister when people are around? The biggest sign that a man is married is if he pretends the two of you aren't dating while in public.

If you and he have been dating for a few weeks and you still haven't seen his home, this is another sign that something fishy is going on. Additionally, if he has an apartment that doesn't look lived in with no food and few clothes, this may be a clue that he has a home elsewhere. He might be a secret agent, but that's not likely.

Think about when he has time to see you: If it's inconsistent or last-minute, this could be a sign that he has other obligations like a family, not just work. If you can see one another only on Sundays between 12 noon and 2:00 pm or other strangely specific times, it could be a sign he's fitting you in when his family is busy.

Think about how he acts when he takes phone calls: Does he always leave the room? If your man can't talk in front of you or never answers his phone around you, this is a sign he's hiding something from you, period.

And, last but not least, the biggest sign that he might be married is a tan line on his ring finger. This may be a no-brainer, but big red flags often go unnoticed, or you may rationalize them away.

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