10 Signs That He's Interested In You


Can you spot the sign that he's interested in you? If not, you might not know what you are missing. When a guy is interested in you romantically, they often start doing things subconsciously that can give them away. Learning to recognize these "tells" can let you know when someone likes you as more than just a friend.

Here are ten signs that could mean a guy is interested in you.

1. You catch him watching you. If you often glance over to find him looking your way, that's a pretty good sign that he's interested in you. If he's confident, he will smile back at you and try to hold your attention. If he's shy, he might quickly look away.

2. He brags a little bit. If he seems spends a lot of time telling you about himself and his accomplishments, don't take it to mean he has a massive ego. Instead, he might be trying to let you know why he'd make a good catch.

3. He takes any opportunity to touch you. If you notice he's not a very touchy-feely guy with others, but doesn't seem to hesitate to make physical contact with you (whether it's resting his hand on your shoulder when the two of you are talking, or hugging you at the slightest provocation) this could be a definite sign that he's interested in you.

4. He wants to know what you're interested in. Does he spend a lot of time asking you what you like? Does he get excited when you mention liking something he likes too? If so, this could mean he hopes to make a connection with you through common interests.

5. He asks other people about you. If a guy is interested in you, he will have lots of questions about you, and will sometimes turn to mutual friends and acquaintances to get the answers. So if you hear through the grapevine that a guy has been asking about you, there's a very good chance he's interested in you.

6. He acts a little nervous around you. If impressing you is a priority for him, then being around you might make him nervous. Sweaty palms, fidgeting, nervous laughter, and stuttering might all be signs that he's interested in you.

7. He doesn't mind you getting close. Most people subconsciously like to keep others at a comfortable distance. If you get to close, they might take a step back without even realizing it. But if a guy is interested in you, he won't mind you "invading" his personal space. In fact, he might try to close the physical gap between you even more.

8. He teases you. Unless he's the kind of guy who teases everyone he comes into contact with, the fact that he teases you might be a sign that he's interested in you. The teasing could be his way of connecting with you and getting your attention.

9. He compliments your appearance. It's common to get compliments on days when you really "dress up." But if he compliments you on days when you haven't done anything special, that's a good sign he finds you appealing most (if not all) of the time.

10. He notices when something about you changes. Did he comment on your new hair cut, even though it's not all that different from your old one? If so, this means he was paying quite a bit of attention to you before (even if you weren't aware of it), and is paying enough attention to you now to notice even slight changes. And, if he's paying that much attention to you, he's probably interested in you.


Tired of trying to guess whether or not a guy likes you romantically? Well learning to spot the 10 signs that he's interested in you can help you get that much closer to knowing for sure.


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