10 Signs That He's Interested In You

You may be thinking that the only way you'll know if he's into you is for him to shower you with flowers, cook a three course meal or be glued to your side each second of the day. Well, not all men are the same and some express their feelings in less obvious ways. For those men who are less dramatic, here are the top 10 signs that he's interested in you.

He Shows Up On Time
One of the best ways to tell if your man's into you is to notice when he shows up on time. Showing up on time is a man's way of telling you that he doesn't want to waste a moment with you, without actually saying it. It also shows that he respects and cares about you and your time.

He Calls Randomly
When your love interest calls for no apparent reason but just to see how you are, then he may care more than you know. He may be calling to show you that he's thinking about you or just to hear your voice.

He Tells His Friends
You'll know it's getting serious when he tells his friends about how great you are. It's not just about what bra size you wear but what you do for a living and what your favorite food is. It shows he actually cares enough to listen and thinks you're interesting enough to let his friends know too.

Your Interests Become His Interests
When a guy is really interested in you, he'll want to know all your likes and dislikes. He'll want to know what hobbies you're into and he'll try to take a part in those interests in order to get closer to you.

Cuddling Verses the Cold Shoulder
A huge indicator of a guy interested in you is to pay attention to his body language after sex. If he simply rolls over after climaxing, he may be physically into you but not emotionally. Look for a guy who wants to cuddle and maybe talk after sex for the best of both worlds.

He Wants Your Opinion
When a man asks for your opinion before making various decisions, it shows that he trusts your judgment. It may be as simple as what tie to wear to work that day but if he has respect for your insight, he'll believe that you can improve his life in other ways.

He Hands Over the Key
Not only may he be handing over the key to his heart, he'll also be handing you the key to his place. When a man gives you the key to his home or apartment, it shows that he trusts you. It's also another way for him to say "what's mine is yours".

He Leans in for Love
When a guy truly cares for you, he wants to be near you as much as possible. Although it may not be as noticeable to some, many guys will lean their body forward towards yours to be close to you. The move may be very slight but just enough for you to notice.

He'll Watch Chick Flicks
You know that he's rather be watching the big game, but a great sign that he likes you is when he skips it to watch a movie with you. He may complain that he hates shopping but the next weekend; he'll be following you around the mall with a pleasant smile on his face. Appreciate the little things.

He Laughs at Your Jokes
Does your man laugh at your jokes even when they're totally not funny? This may be a sign that he likes you. Your man may not want you to feel bad and wants to keep you happy. Good for you, you're relationship material.

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