10 Signs That He's Interested In You


Men aren't known for their communication skills in a relationship. So how can a woman know when he's in to her? Here's 10 signs he's totally into you.

  1. He calls you up just to say, "Hi".

If a guy calls first, and starts the conversation with any variation of "Hey what's up?", he's interested. Guys don't do anything without a purpose. He called you to hear your voice and make more plans.

  1. His friends know more than the usual specs

It's about you as an individual beyon the initial "specs" guys share with eachother, like hair color and body type. They know your name, what you do for a living, and other personal details he could only share if he were listening, AND interested.

  1. He's never late.

You're never waiting on him. He's where he's supposed to be when he's supposed to be there because you are important enough to be prompt. If a guy wasn't into you, he wouldn't make it a priority not to get distracted and show up on time.

  1. He's ok with your friends

He likes to spend time with you in your element, and that typically means hanging out with your friends, too. He can talk to them, be nice, and try to get to know them. He'll want to get along with them because you have them in your life.

  1. Cuddling is something he WANTS to do

When a guy is in to you, it's not just sexual. He wants to be all around you and close, and although few will ever admit it, that includes cuddling. Watching a movie at home on the couch, in bed, or whenever he can, he'll want to nuzzle up and be close.

  1. He Takes an Interest in Your Interests

Maybe you're into softball, and he sits through a whole game, cheering you on, or goes to an artshow with you when one of your favorite artists is showcased. Even if it's not his cup of tea, per se, he'll go along doing what you love to do because he wants to know everything about you and likes seeing you when you're happy.

  1. He talks about exclusivity

This is when he's ready to take the plunge and get serious about the relationship. First, he'll put feeliers out there and ask you about your past relationships. How long they lasted, how serious they were, and he also has an idea of what kind of girlfriend you would be.

  1. He wants to have intimate conversations about delicate topics

He wants to know everything about ou on a deeper level. Not just your favorite drink and whether you like cats or dogs. He wants to know where you are spiritually, intellectually, politically, morally, and if he can go on a deeper level in this relationship. This is the point where he feels you out about commitment, kids, and anything else he put on a high level for him in a relationship.

  1. He cares about what you think

This is the point where he tests your compatibility in judgment. Whether it's what to wear to dinner with his boss, to the best vacation spot in the summer. Your opinion matters and he's looking to see if it meshes with his.

  1. He Gives You a Key to His Home

More than a spot for your toothbrush, or a place in the dresser drawer, this is the biggest symbol of trust. It declares that he trusts you to be there when he's not, and basically, his turf is your turf too. Think of it this way, you can't exactly run and hide from a girl that has a key to your place. He's serious and this is a huge gesture in that direction.

These signs are the best way to tell if a guy wants to get into a relationship with you, or if he's just along for a short ride. Guys don't go into these things lightly, but they don't necessarily write it on the wall either.


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