Six Signs That a Guy Is Falling for You

With so many levels and nuances of dating, it can be hard to figure out if a guy is really into you. However, there are same sure signs that he is really falling for you and not just playing the field until someone better comes along.

He enjoys physical contact: When a guy is falling for you, he will want to touch you. However, this physical contact is not of the uncomfortable kind that pressures you into sexual relation. Instead, he will touch your arm, hold your hand, and in general try to brush up against you. What's more, if he does this in public, it is a great indicator that he really enjoys being with you.

He is observant and thoughtful: The guy who is falling for you not only opens doors for you, but he is considerate when you've had a bad day and takes care of you when you are sick. He also notices when you wear a nice outfit or change your hair and will comment favorably. A guy who is into you will also learn what your favorite things are and surprise you once in a while.

He never leaves you guessing: In short, he does not play the games of letting X amount of days elapse or any other such nonsense before calling or texting. If he wants to contact you, he will, and he also will follow through with what he says. If he says he will meet you at a certain time, he will do so. Sure, emergencies happen, but just as he would strive to maintain other obligations on time, he would assign the same level of priority to a commitment with you.

He wants to spend time with you and lets you choose: The guy who is really falling for you will let you make plans and cheerfully go along with them. He is not afraid to watch chick-flicks with you, go shopping, or give up poker or game nights with the guys to spend time with you. Even when he chooses activities, he will select something that you enjoy -- because he paid attention to the things you like.

He introduces you to his friends: There is nothing more awkward than being out with a new guy as you run into his existing friends in public. If he introduces you fairly quickly without the awkward pause, he is falling for you. This means he is not embarrassed to be seen with you.

You feel you can be yourself: In the end, that little voice inside will tell you if a guy is really falling for you. With a guy who is falling for you, you will never find yourself anxious and you will have no desire to change yourself to please him.

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