Break Out of Your Shy Guy Shell

Shy guys have it rough. Many women say they prefer a shy guy to a loud-mouthed lothario, but the very men those women seek are terrified of being rebuffed. On any given Friday night, a shy guy will look a room full of singles looking to mingle and see infinite possibilities for rejection. Dating is a culture fraught with nervousness for anyone, but it can leave someone with less self-confidence running for cover if he doesn't know how to overcome his jitters.

It is never easy to break through a self-imposed shell of shyness, and it might feel as if it's downright impossible. The good news, however, is that it can be done. Many a shy guy has overcome his tendencies to become more comfortable with himself and, in turn, confident with potential love interests. It simply takes work.

Think of women as potential friends rather than dates
If the thought of crossing the room to approach a potential date leaves your feet frozen in place, take some baby steps. Don't think about this as a potential love match and psych yourself out with the prospect of asking her on a date. Start small by going over, saying hello and introducing yourself. Explain that you noticed her and wanted to say hello, put a name with the face and ask her about how her evening was going. If you have a warm smile on your face and don't approach her with a pickup line, that can quickly set you apart from the slicker - and often slimier - members of the crowd.

Use a wingman or wingwoman
Approaching someone you're interested in can be scary, so why not let someone do the work for you? Plan a night out with a close friend, someone who knows you well and is comfortable approaching strangers with the express purpose of singing your praises. Not only will you have the security blanket feeling of a close friend, the object of your attraction quickly learns how great you are. While a man can be a great setup guy, a wingwoman is even better - a prospective date sees that a fellow female thinks you are amazing.

Test out the online dating scene
The stigma of online dating has long disappeared, which means that the scene is now just another options for busy people interested in a love match. This also happens to be a huge resource for shy guys. With the ability to think about your words and relax in front of a computer screen, the pressure of face-to-face encounters disappears.

Test out a dating website and send some messages to people who interest you. If you sense a spark and elect to meet in person, you two will already have established a connection, which means that your first in-person meeting will be less scary-at that point, you already know that she's interested in learning more about you.

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