How Do You Know if He Is Attracted to You

If you're interested in a guy, how do you know if he is attracted to you? The signs of attraction are different for every person, which means that some women can have a difficult time spotting the signs with a less obvious kind of guy. However, other men can be fairly transparent and far from subtle about their interest or disinterest in you. If you know the telltale signs of attraction, you'll know when you should set your sites on someone new and when you should make a move. With these tips you'll be able to see positive signals a mile away and use them to your advantage to attract men who want to pursue you, too.

He Glances Your Way, Repeatedly
A quick glance your way from a guy, might be the first time he checks you out, and he may not always think you're his type. But a second or third glance your way, especially if eye contact is involved or if he gets all of his friends to look your way too, is a good bet that he's attracted to you.

Body Language
If you're standing or sitting near the guy in question, watch his every move. Does he reach out and touch you by putting his hand on your leg, hand or your arm? Does he stand in a wide stance to show off his masculinity? Or does he accidentally brush into your arm or bump into you? If you said yes to any of these, he's probably attracted to you.

He Goes Out of His Way to Be Nice
If a man is attracted to you, expect gentlemanly behavior. He'll pull out chairs and open doors for you. He'll pay special attention when you're talking. And he'll offer to get you a drink.

He Flirts
If a guy likes what he sees, chances are he'll approach you and start flirting. One of the classic flirt moves to show attraction is to tease you like you're in fourth grade with playful insults and arm punches. He'll joke around with you and may even try to talk himself up.

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If you're wondering if that hot new guy in the office is interested in you, you need to be able to distinguish real interest from standard nice-guy behavior. Evaluate his body language, and listen closely to how he discusses future plans.

A man is not difficult to understand as long as you understand the signs of male attraction he is sending your way.

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