How Does a Man Behave When He Is in Love

How does a man behave when he is in love? Before you say the L word to your guy, you may want a guarantee that he'll say it back. Luckily, you can usually tell if a guy is looking for true love in your relationship by watching for a few signs of adoration.

You're His Main Focus
When a man is first falling in love, he'll be very interested in you. You'll be the biggest topic of conversation when you're around and you'll hear all about how's he talking you up to his friends, family and co-workers, too. A guy in love will ask how you're feeling, what you want to do and try to accommodate you as much as you can.

He's Stuck to You Like Glue
Often, in the early stages of a relationship, you can base how much a guy cares about you on how much time he devotes to you. He might skip his workouts, happy hour with the guys or drive an extra hour just to see you for an evening. He might want to see you for a moment every single day, even if sometimes it's just to meet for lunch in the middle of the workday. While some guys find excuses or always seem to be busy, a guy in love will be available in ways that could be smothering if you didn't love him, too.

He Tells You How He Feels
Even if he doesn't say that little four letter word, a guy that thinks he might find love in the near future with you, will be open about his feelings. He'll express his love in other words. Not only will he tell you how much he likes you, how much fun he has with you, how he misses you when you're away and how he can't wait to see you. But he'll also talk about your future together. How the two of your lives might fit together six months from now or two years from now. He might talk about moving in together or getting a dog together. As long as he's open and positive, it's a good sign he's looking for true love.

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If you're wondering if that hot new guy in the office is interested in you, you need to be able to distinguish real interest from standard nice-guy behavior. Evaluate his body language, and listen closely to how he discusses future plans.

A man is not difficult to understand as long as you understand the signs of male attraction he is sending your way.

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