How to Attract Him

Do you need to know how to attract him? Every girl wants to get the attention of that special guy in her life. Whether it is a high-school crush or a workplace romance, this article will help you attract his attention. 

It's perfectly natural to want the guy you have your eye on to be attracted to you, too. Some scientists believe that pheromones attract humans to each other, but it is clear that attraction is more than just chemical. Attraction works on many levels: physical, emotional and intellectual. If you can find a way to connect on these levels, you will definitely attract the man of your dreams.

Physical Attraction
Guys are attracted with their eyes first. The first level of attraction is always physical with guys. This means that you must be physically appealing to a guy. Even if you are not a guy's "type," you can still attract him physically. Do this by wearing clothes that complement your body's shape, having your hair neatly presented and wearing a scent that he will never forget. Guys are attracted to women who see their own beauty, so if you can do that, you are a third of the way there.

Emotional Attraction
Believe it or not, guys do have emotions. Unlike a woman, whose emotions are much more accessible, a man often suppresses his emotions. Attracting a man emotionally is a lot tougher than attracting him physically. Tap into the positive emotions, such as love and joy. Although it is commonly considered physical, lust is an emotion that is a part of love. Some would argue that it is the beginning of love, especially for guys. Play on this lust by lightly flirting with a guy or looking at him just a little bit longer than you would otherwise. 

Pride and a zest for life is part of the emotion of joy. Find something to talk about that makes you both feel energized, and you may be surprised at the emotional connection you form.

Intellectual Attraction
No one likes dumb. A guy who is really into you will want to know that there is something in between your ears. You do not have to prove your smarts by calculating the square root of 64, but you can show intelligence by thinking out the things you have to say before you say them. Sounding like a know-it-all will not score you any points, but a girl who knows what she is talking about will definitely exude confidence. Men like confidence.

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