How to Tell if a Guy Likes You: Top Three Signs He's Interested

If you are a woman and you're wondering if a certain guy is interested in you romantically, the answer is probably a definite "yes." But whether or not he's interested in you for more than sexual purposes is a little more difficult to determine. Here's some things to look for that should clue you in that a certain guy is trying to snag you.

He listens to you
One of the biggest things to look for is if a guy will actually take the time to listen to you and have a conversation with you. And listening does involve more than synchronized responses occuring every time you stop talking. A lot of guys will try to listen but you can easily tell that they aren't really listening at all. More than likely, they're thinking about having sex with you. But if you can get a guy to actually have an intelligent conversation with you, he's probably pretty into you.

He offers to help
A lot of decent guys will attempt to show their feelings by offering to help you with things. If a guy is really interested in you, offering to help you with some boring, tedious or otherwise uneventful duty or task is a good clue that he's looking for reasons to hang out with you. And if he actually does put in some work and helps you out, the guy is most definitely interested.

He sits facing you
When you're out with a guy and a few other people, another tell-tale sign that he's interested in you is that he will position his body so that it is angled toward yours. Next time you're out with a group of people, try to notice how the guy in question is sitting. If he's hunched over a girlfriend of yours in the corner all night, that's a pretty good indication that he's probably interested in her instead.

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If you're wondering if that hot new guy in the office is interested in you, you need to be able to distinguish real interest from standard nice-guy behavior. Evaluate his body language, and listen closely to how he discusses future plans.

A man is not difficult to understand as long as you understand the signs of male attraction he is sending your way.

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