How to Tell if a Woman Is Into You

The signals that men and women send to each other aren't always crystal clear. You might think you've hit it off with a particular woman, but does she feel the same way? Learn to decode the clues that will tell you if a woman is really into you.

She contacts you. If you're always the one calling her, it's possible she could just be picking up the phone to be polite. If she initiates contact through phone calls or texts, however, that sends a very specific message that she wants to talk to you.

She goes out of her way to see you. If she frequently asks you to join her for activities or to hang out, that's a good sign. After all, the more you like a person, the more you want to see them. This also applies if you work together and she finds excuses to walk by your desk, or if you're neighbors and you find that she suddenly always "running into" you.

She dresses up for you. When a woman is interested in someone, she will almost always dress nicely and doll herself up when she anticipates seeing him. If you notice she seems to go out of her way to look nice when you have plans, that might be a sign that she's into you.

She touches you. A subtle touch is one of the biggest ways women flirt. Putting a hand on your shoulder, brushing against your arm and other light gestures that involve physical contact are all clues that she is into you. Another good sign is if you happen to touch her and she doesn't shrink away or seem to mind.

She tells you. If all else fails, there's only one surefire way to know if she's into you or not: Tell her your feelings, ask her out and see what she says. With any luck, you'll find that your feelings are mutual, and you can get on with having a happy relationship!

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