How to Tell When a Guy Likes You

Knowing how to tell when a guy likes you is critically important if you're a woman who tends to misread signals. Men sometimes play games with the women they like, but these games are easy to figure out. Indeed, men often make it known when they like a woman. To make dating easier, it's worth understanding a few signs a man gives off when he likes you.

When a man likes you, he's will listen when you talk and follow your conversational cues. This is partly because he wants to prove his ability to listen, but also because you draw him in. In a noisy club, a man's attention can come in the form of simply being near you. You're on the dance floor, and there he is beside you. He gives you more attention than the other females, and he makes sure you notice him.

He Longs To Impress
Society insists that men should be strong, self-confident and capable. Men are keenly aware of this, and a guy who likes you may try to impress you. This can be showing off by dancing, lifting heavy objects or flaunting knowledge. In this way, men are akin to chest-beating gorillas. Men don't waste time trying to impress women they're not interested in. If a man tells a bunch of stale jokes that fuel awkwardness, he may need some dating help. Still, you can assume he's interested in you.

The push/pull phenomenon is well known in pickup artist communities, but it is used by men who like you as well. The push/pull attraction technique involves giving a compliment followed by a negative comment that undermines the compliment. For each negative, there is a balancing positive, and vice versa. This creates a tension that is supposed to drive women wild. It may or may not, but a man who uses this technique with you is somewhat interested. If a man doesn't like you, he'll have a normal conversation and probably won't offer either compliments or insults.

Signs To Back Off
While the signs a man gives when he likes you are important, it's just as critical to understand signs given when he doesn't like you. Remember, don't ever judge your own self worth based on a man's impression of you. If a man treats you too nicely, he's probably not romantically interested. This is hard to hear, but a guy who casually treats you like an elderly grandmother has already placed you in a position of pity. Also, if a man is preoccupied or scanning the room when he talks to you, assume there's no attraction. If you ever find yourself following a man around, take a step back and save yourself a world of embarrassment.

Read The Man
Misreading a man's intentions can lead to embarrassment and shame. If a man likes you, he'll give you extra attention and play a few silly games. If a guy shows no signs of interest, simply move on. When you find the man who gives the right signals, you'll know it's time to pounce!

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