Is He Attracted to Me

Finding yourself asking, "Is he attracted to me?" every time you meet a new guy? Well, you're not alone, of course. But rather than just hazarding a guess, perhaps you should familiarize yourself with pheromones, what they are and what they might be able to tell you about human attraction.

What Are Pheromones?
Attraction may be more physical than you may have ever realized. Humans give off chemicals called pheromones that can be sensed by other humans, causing them to be attracted to one another. In particular, pheromones include specific chemicals. Many animals give off pheromones, and pheromones attract animals to each other, but the kicker is you can't see, smell or touch them. However, science does prove that they are a major factor in whom animals choose to mate with. For example, hamsters not only choose their mates by which pheromones they emit, but pheromones also let hamsters choose their own social groups.

When it comes to the attraction between humans, scientists aren't exactly sure why some people are attracted to others, but many studies have found that pheromones certainly do play a role. What that role is exactly, they can't say for sure. There are many products on the market such as perfumes and colognes that promise to give off pheromones to help you capture and keep the mate of your choice. That might not be exactly how it works, and even though pheromones may play a role in the laws of attraction, other aspects of a person's appearance and personality will factor in.

Signs He's Attracted To You
You'll always want to look out for some good old-fashioned signs that your new guy is attracted to you. How often does he want to see you, call you or stop by just to say hi? Does he compliment you on how you look or tease you about something silly? And, of course, if you find the object of your affection touching you and standing close, maybe your pheromones are attracting him and you were completely oblivious after all!

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