Is That Shy Boy Interested in You

Women sometimes get disappointed by men because they've misinterpreted signs the guy is not interested for signs that he's just a shy boy. Body language and facial expressions between the two may be similar, but indicators can distinguish one from the other. Recognizing those differences might keep you from holding your breath while waiting for the phone call that never comes.

The first thing to remember is that shy guys are introverts. They will not have a lot to say, but, when they do, it will be meaningful. If you originally meet him in a group setting, most of what he says may be directed to the group. If he finds himself attracted to you, he will glance in your direction while talking but avoid direct eye contact. He'll spend most of his time looking toward the floor as if he dropped a quarter.

When a guy is just not interested, he'll be cordial but detached, especially if he's a relatively nice guy. He'll spend a few minutes asking general questions about your work or social activities, but his full attention will be elsewhere. If he's not a nice guy or if he's self-absorbed, he'll mostly just ignore you.

A shy guy will want to speak with you, but will have no idea what to say. He'll fidget and become preoccupied with clothing or an accessory, but he will sneak a peek at you when he thinks you're not looking. He may even want to ask for your number, but he would rather be struck by lightning than to have his self-esteem shattered.

The guy who isn't interested will avoid getting too involved in conversation for completely different reasons. He just wants to get through the small talk without you expecting more. If he feels like he's getting pinned down, he'll direct his conversation elsewhere.

One of the big signs the guy is not interested is that he'll talk more about himself than in trying to get to know you. He'll invite others into the conversation and allow his eyes to wander. He'll do everything except allow you to be his complete focus. He may ask for your number to be cordial, but he'll never call.

If by some miracle the shy guy builds up the nerve ask for your number, he'll definitely call. He'll struggle internally about the perfect timing or what he should say, so don't expect a call the next day. If you happen to offer your number before he gets around to asking, he'll probably call with less hesitation.

That is, unless you've met a shy guy who is also just not interested.

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