Signs a Woman Is Flirting

Knowing the signs a woman is flirting with you can really help you with your dating career. A woman who is flirting with you is indicating that she may be interested in you. Keep in mind that flirting is about body language as much as it is about her tone of voice or anything suggestive that she might say to you.

Signs a Woman Is Flirting with You
She is standing across the room from you. You look up and she is staring at you. She maintains eye contact with you longer than you expect. She may be interested in you.

She may be flirting with you if she is standing or sitting facing you. Her arms are uncrossed, giving her a feeling of openness. She may turn away for a moment to talk to someone else or you may glance away. When you look back again, her body is still facing you.

She keeps on walking by you, over and over again. She may possibly be flirting. She stops in front of you to talk. She may be flirting. She invades your personal space. She is flirting.

She makes excuses to touch you, if only briefly. She may touch your hand, your shoulder or your hair. Her knees might touch your knees. She is interested in you.

The woman may start imitating your gestures or movements. This is weird, but real signs a woman is flirting. If you lean forward, she leans forward. If you turn your shoulders, she may turn her shoulders. If she is imitating you, she may be interested.

She starts playing with her hair. She curls pieces around her fingers. She uses her fingers to brush her hair away from her face. She lifts her hair off the back of her neck as if she is hot while she is looking at you and lets her hair fall. The woman is flirting.

Not only has she played with her hair, she is touching her lips with a finger. Or she is putting on lipstick while gazing at you. Or she is playing with the straw from her drink with her lips. These are definitely signs a woman is flirting.

Be brave. Ask her for a date.

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