Signs He's Not Interested

You might know that you really like a guy, but you might not be so clear on whether he's also interested in dating you. Love can be intoxicating, and the prospect of romance can make it harder to see if a person is truly interested in you. Learning to read a man will end up saving you time, heartache and energy. The following are some signs he's not interested in you in a romantic way.

If a guy never contacts you first, it's a sign he's not interested. You shouldn't have to do all of the work. If he's not taking the initiative, then it means he's not as into you as you are into him. Additionally, if he hesitates or is vague about making plans, these are also signs he's not interested. If someone was really into you, they'd jump at the chance to spend time with you.

Think about the kind of conversation the two of you have. Does he only talk about himself? Does he only talk about current events? If a man never asks about you, your life, or your thoughts, then there's a chance he doesn't much care, and this means you should move on and find someone who wants to learn more about you and will hang on your every word.

If a man forgets things you've said or what you do for a living, it means he hasn't been listening, and this in turn means that he's not interested in you as much as you might like. Additionally, if he doesn't follow through with plans or with calling you, then it means he's not 100 percent committed to seeing you again or getting to know you.

Think about how a man acts when he's out with you and there are other women around. If he's asking women about their dating histories, talking more to them than to you, and doesn't introduce you to the women he's speaking to, then it's a huge sign he's not interested in you. A man should want to introduce you to everyone in the world and should have eyes only for you. 

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If you're wondering if that hot new guy in the office is interested in you, you need to be able to distinguish real interest from standard nice-guy behavior. Evaluate his body language, and listen closely to how he discusses future plans.

A man is not difficult to understand as long as you understand the signs of male attraction he is sending your way.

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Women sometimes get disappointed by men because they've misinterpreted signs the guy is not interested for signs that he's just a shy boy.Recognizing those differences might keep you from holding your breath while waiting for the phone call that never comes.

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