Five Signs of Physical Attraction

By identifying certain signs of attraction, you may feel confident in taking things to a deeper level of intimacy. When someone catches your eye and you find yourself physically attracted to them, you might wonder if they feel the same way. 

Prolonged eye contact
This is the best way to attract attention and indicate that you are noticing the other person. Because eye contact is a very personal thing, it isn't done often or for long in polite society. Eye contact should be friendly and accompanied by a smile.

Gently biting or licking the lips is a subtle way to indicate desire. The lips are very sensitive and an important body part when it comes to intimacy. This kind of attention to the lips makes them redder and more moist-a universally attractive quality. Men might purse their lips together in a subtle manner, while a woman may bring her necklace up to playfully toy with.

Crossing the legs
When a woman crosses and uncrosses her legs, it draws attention to her legs and groin area. When the gesture is made with an adjustment to clothing, such as to arrange a skirt to show more skin, it's an unmistakable message that someone finds you attractive. Men often don't sit with their legs crossed, but may sit or stand with their thumbs tucked into their belt loops, subconsciously drawing attention to the groin area.

When he touches your hand, arm or shoulder, it's a sign that he's eager for physical contact. It may progress to gentle caressing or touching your hair. Some people rhythmically caress themselves, such as rubbing their arm or neck, in a subconscious attempt to show that they are interested in getting physical.

Nothing says intimacy like how far from each other you are. If he's constantly leaning in to you, whispering in your ear, squeezing next to you in a crowded room or putting his arms around you, then the attraction is stronger than ever. Similarly, women might position themselves to be close to a man's chest or shoulder so she can lean on it flirtatiously. Whispering secrets is a thrilling and intimate way to communicate interest as well. 

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