Signs of Romantic Attraction

The signs of romantic attraction are easy to spot if you know what you're looking for. Keep in mind everything, from the way someone looks at you, their body language, their actions, and their words, and you could just end up spotting a potential romantic relationship before it happens.

One of the major signs of romantic attraction is eye contact. Look to see how often a person meets your gaze. If they can't keep eye contact with you, it could mean they feel awkward or nervous, and this in turn could mean that they're interested in you. Additionally, if a person holds eye contact, winks, or blinks a lot, this too could mean that a person is interested in you. If a person seems to be smiling with their eyes or if they wink, it's a sign of flirting.

Watch to see how often a person touches or adjusts his or her hair. If someone twirls their hair, it can mean they're trying to flirt or that they're nervous, both of which signal romantic attraction. Additionally, if a person keeps smoothing his or her hair, it could mean they're self-conscious about what they look like or that they're nervous. If they want to look good for you, it means they want you to find them attractive.

Look to see what his or her mouth is doing. If they lick his or her lips, it could mean they're nervous or attracted to you. Additionally, puckering one's lips does the same thing, as does touching one's teeth with the tongue. If a person is smiling a lot, even when a joke hasn't been made, it could mean they're romantically attracted to you.

Take a look at a person's body language. One of the biggest signs that someone is romantically interested in you is if they are leaning towards you. If they touch your elbow or arm when making a point or joke, this could mean great things.

The way a person speaks is another way to tell if someone is romantically interested in you. Listen for their tone: if it's light and fun and includes lots of laughter, the person is clearly having fun with you and interested. If someone is teasing you playfully, this is another major sign of romantic interest.

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