Signs She's Interested in You

Dating can be exhausting. After misinterpreting signals and getting rejected a few times, you may be tempted to give up the pursuit altogether. Then one night at a happy hour after work, you see her across the room. Is that beautiful woman really smiling at you? Does she want you to talk to her? Is she really interested in you?

Signs She's Interested in You Upon Your First Meeting

You're at the bar after work with your coworkers, and you think a pretty woman is sending signals. Here's how to know if you should follow that come-hither look:

She gives you an inviting smile.

A smile directed right at you is practically an invitation for you to approach a woman. Whether she throws a grin your way as she's dancing alone on the dance floor or she smiles when she catches you looking at her, a smile is as good as a hello.

She's preening for you.

Women tend to accentuate their best assets as a way to attract attention, whether it's flipping their hair, running a finger along the collar of a scoop-neck shirt or toying with a necklace. If she looks your way while she preens, it's a good sign that she wants your attention.

She throws out a first line as bait.

When a woman makes a joke with you, there's a good chance she's trying to get your attention. A woman who's interested in you may tease you about your daily cup of coffee at the local Starbucks, hoping for some playful banter in response. If she laughs at your response and tries to further the conversation, you're set.

She responds reassuringly.

As you continue your conversation with this new woman, watch for signs that she wants to prolong the interaction, such as nodding her head or saying "Uh, huh" and "I understand." If she asks more questions or seems hesitant to end the conversation, you can bet she's interested in more time with you.

She touches you.

If a woman initiates physical contact by touching you on the arm or leaning against you, you know she's feeling comfortable enough with you to want to share personal space. Respond by lightly touching her back or holding open a door for her, showing you also are interested in getting closer.

She leans in toward you.

Watch for body language that indicates she wants more interaction, such as leaning close to you, whispering in your ear or speaking softly so you have to come closer to talk to her. If she seems open and enthusiastic about being closer to you, you know she's interested. If she crosses her arms, leans away, and is not fully engaged in the conversation, you can assume she's finished talking and not interested in further contact.

Signs She's Interested in You If You Meet Online

With online dating being so popular among singles, it's important to know how to interpret signs in those first few e-mails when approaching a new woman.

She's playful in her responses.

If a woman is interested in getting to know you better, she'll respond with playful, interactive e-mails. Cool, short responses mean she is trying to politely end the relationship before it starts, but fun, inviting e-mails that encourage banter and further e-mails are definite signs that you're on the right track.

She asks questions.

If a woman asks questions in her e-mails, she's interested in getting to know more about you. A concise e-mail lacking in questions indicates she isn't eager to get to know you.

She sends you pictures.

If a woman sends you pictures of herself, she's inviting you to admire her and ask her out. A woman who is not interested will not send you photos.

Signs She's Interested in You If You've Been Friends for a While

Romance often sparks in relationships that have been comfortable for a long time, such as friendships between coworkers or team players on co-ed sports teams.

She starts dressing more attractively.

Women dress to impress men they like. If the woman who plays second base starts showing up to softball practice in cute workout clothes instead of her grubby sweats, you may want to consider the possibility that she may be into you, or one of the other people on your team.

She asks questions about your dating life.

A woman who has known you for a while may want to make sure there isn't any competition before she reveals her crush on you and potentially embarrasses herself. If a woman you've known from work or the gym for a while starts asking questions about your relationship status (Are you seeing anyone? Is your divorce final?), she may be subtly letting you know she's interested in a dating relationship with you.

She suggests you do something together.

If your coworker suggests the two of you hit the corner pub after work, don't assume she's just thirsty. A woman will often suggest a safe testing ground as a first step while she tries to decide if she's interested in you, and conversely if you are interested in her.

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