Telltale Signs He Is Attracted to You

Looking for signs he is attracted to you can be difficult at first, but with a little dating help you can learn a few tips and tricks to give you a better idea of how he feels about you. Women can be subtle about showing signs of attraction, but men are more straightforward about showing their level of interest. Of course, there is always the exception, such as a polite man who does all the right things only out of a deep respect for women. He may have no interest in a second date, but he'll still look at you in the eyes and smile when you talk.

So, how do you tell the difference between politeness and pure attraction, then? There are a few telltale signs that he is really interested in you. Separately, these actions may mean nothing, but if a man uses all these techniques on one date, you can be fairly certain that he is attracted to you and interested in spending more time with you.

Staying In Close Physical Proximity
Most of us are accustomed to having a certain amount of personal space. During a date, this space is usually respected, unless you are in a situation that requires remaining in a closer proximity, such as in a movie theater or at a concert. However, if you are at a restaurant, party or other open environment, and your date still sticks close to you, consider it a good sign. Physical attraction means wanting to be close to the other person, brushing arms, touching hands or playing footsie.

He Compliments You, Verbally Or Otherwise
A polite date will compliment you on either your attire or your appearance. However, if a man is truly attracted to you, he will find something meaningful to compliment you about. It could be as obvious as your smile, or it could be something such as your generosity or kindness. Verbal compliments are easy to recognize, but watch out for the non-verbal compliments as well. These could come in the form of a smile, a hug or an unexpected kiss.

Extending The Date Or Asking For A Second
You can be on a date sitting next to a man in a movie theater who compliments you on your leather boots, but he could still just be a polite date. There's no doubt that a man who continues to "drag on" a date to make it last longer wants to spend more time with you. Similarly, if he asks you for a second date before the first has even ended, you can be certain he finds you attractive. Whether he makes his attraction obvious or not, he is interested in seeing you again, and that's a good thing.

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A man is not difficult to understand as long as you understand the signs of male attraction he is sending your way.

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