Ways to Attract a Girl

Finding ways to attract a girl isn't as easy as it may seem. Girls are a mystery, and guys find it hard to determine exactly what they want in a member of the opposite sex, let alone in a relationship. The secret to knowing how to get the girl is knowing that there is no secret. All girls are different, and all want their own ideal of the perfect guy. While you can't be perfect in all areas of your life at all times, it is possible to at least put forth the effort.

Pheromones attract members of the opposite sex, but so does responsibility and maturity. The following is a short list of some top qualities girls look for in a guy, either by direct choice or subconsciously. While there are some things in your life you can't change, such as your height, knowing what you can work on gives you a huge head start against the competition.

Always Look Your Best
This can be controversial. After all, you are a real person who wakes up with bed head and smelly breath, right? Yes, but you get only one first impression, and you don't want that impression to be of someone who just got out of bed. You don't have to own the latest fashions to look nice. Simply keep your clothes wrinkle-free, form-fitting and appropriately matched. Don't forget personal hygiene. Keep yourself clean and presentable at all times, even if you are just running to the store for some bread and eggs. You never know whom you'll run into.

Show An Attractive Inner Quality
Girls want to see more than the outside qualities when they look at guys. While men may be primarily focused on looks when it comes to attraction, many girls will admit that kindness, honesty and compassion will create that same attraction for them. Don't be fake and pretend to be someone you aren't to attract the perfect girl, but present yourself as a good person inside and out.

Communication Is Key
It's no lie: Girls like to talk. They don't even mind if you just listen. However, you should at least do that. Girls are good at telling if you are paying attention to them. Successful communication involves listening more than talking, anyway. Even if the conversation isn't interesting to you, a good way to attract a girl is by showing her that she is worth paying attention to.

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