Ways to Know a Guy Is Flirting

There are ways to know a guy is flirting and you may need a refresher course. The underlying message, however, is simple: it's not all about tone of voice or what he is saying.

A man's body language changes when he is flirting. One of the things that a guy may do is try to appear more physically imposing. He will do this by putting his hands on his hips or putting his thumbs underneath his belt when he is standing. He may also puff up his chest while pulling in his gut. Guys do this to appear more dominate and, literally, bigger.

Watch the guy's eyes for ways to know a guy is flirting. If he maintains eye contact with you a little longer than normal, he may be interested. He may track your face, moving from one eye to the other and then down over your nose to your mouth in a triangular pattern. Of course, his eyes may continue downward. It is up to you to decide whether his gazes at this point are crass.

You may also notice that he is blinking more frequently than he would normally and his pupils are dilated.

If a man is interested in you, he will stay facing you as long as possible, with an open appearance. If he can't face you, his legs and feet will still point in your direction. These are subtle ways to know a guy is flirting.

Women aren't the only ones who work their appearance when flirting. If a guy is interested in you, he may start touching his hair to make sure it is in place, may straighten his tie or may touch his throat.

A flirting guy will use any excuse to touch you, from "accidentally" bumping into you to patting you on the back to tickling you. He may also touch your shoulder or your hand. The point is to make brief, innocuous physical contact.

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If you're wondering if that hot new guy in the office is interested in you, you need to be able to distinguish real interest from standard nice-guy behavior. Evaluate his body language, and listen closely to how he discusses future plans.

A man is not difficult to understand as long as you understand the signs of male attraction he is sending your way.

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