What Attracts Men to Women

What attracts men to women? There certainly isn't a definitive answer, but rather a few elements that may factor into the law of attraction. If you subscribe to the scientific school of thought, pheromones may come into play regarding who people are attracted to and why. But there are several other factors you'll want to take into account.

Could It Be Pheromones?
Pheromones, the chemicals that humans and animals emit to attract mates, could play a large part in who we're attracted to. Chemicals can match you up to another mate, even before you've really had the chance to get to know someone. And, even though there have been many studies devoted to pheromones and the laws of attraction, science cannot specifically pinpoint how much pheromones attract a person in reality.

Top Traits
It's important not to forget the obvious traits that attract men to women, like beauty, intelligence, humor and shared interests. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, of course, but if that beholder does find beauty in someone, step back and watch the sparks fly! Men are also often attracted to other aspects like intelligence and personality. One trait not to overlook would be common or shared interests. Do you guys like the same movies, work in the same field and enjoy the same workout routines? Oftentimes, people become attracted to others they feel they can share experiences with.

First impressions are often another biggie when it comes to attraction. Smiling and flirting, and simply letting the other person know that you're interested can also help. If you're worried about how to let someone know you're attracted, try small moves, like touching the object of your affection on the shoulder when you're addressing him or complimenting him on what he looks like or what he's wearing.

Landing Your Man
If you're a woman looking to attract a man, you may want to have a few other tricks up your sleeve. For example, make an effort to like the things he likes. Whether it's sports or something else, show him you care by taking note of his interests and trying to make them your own. And follow the most important rule of all: Do not come across as desperate. Men are usually attracted to independent women who don't need them; they just want them. There is a difference.

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