Is He a Shy Guy or Is He Just Not Interested

There's a difference between a shy guy and one who is not interested in getting to know you. When out on a date, you want to take the time to make this distinction so that you can read the signs. After all, you do not want to nix a guy just because he's shy, and you shouldn't pursue a date if he's not interested. Dating really is about reading the signs. The following are some ways to tell if a date is painfully shy or just not interested.

The first thing to do is to measure a man's body language. A shy guy may not be touching you, but he will be leaning towards you and will nod his head when you talk or make a guy. If a guy isn't interested, his smile will be stiff and won't reach the eyes, he will sit back in his chair and will seem overall disinterested in what you have to say.

Next, think about what your date talks about. A shy guy may be quiet and may stumble over his words, but he will go more in detail about his interests and will ask you questions that are specific. A man who is disinterested is one who will ask only the most basic of questions and will give you one-word or vague questions. The difference between shy guys and those that are just not interested is the energy they put into the date. Thus, paying attention to the answers these men give and the questions they ask will prove fruitful in gauging their interest.

Lastly, think about your date's attention levels. A shy guy may be nervous and have a hard time talking to you, but he will be listening to your words and repeating them back before he asks follow-up questions. A man who is disinterested will probably look distracted, may not remember what you say and will probably nod instead of asking follow-up questions. If a date is interested, he will definitely show this to you in how he responds to you. 

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