Understanding the Important Signs Men Send When Beginning a New Relationship


There are several important topics to consider when determining whether or not you want to start a relationship with a new man in your life. More than likely at some point in your life, you have met a man that you fell completely head-over-heels for and you thought that he felt the same way, only later to discover that he was "unavailable" in some aspect of his life. When starting a new relationship, there are three main topics you must consider before allowing yourself to get too involved.


  • Has he recently gotten out of a long term relationship?
  • Has he ever mentioned the one that "got away"?
  • Has he ever revealed that he is "scared to fall in love" again?

If you answered yes to any of the previously stated questions then it is very possible that this man may not be emotionally available to begin a new relationship.  In order to be emotionally available there must be a strong readiness to acknowledge authentic feelings and be able to communicate them on a constant basis, regardless of whether the feelings are positive or negative. For example, happiness must comfortably coincide with sadness because each person needs to commit to sharing the truth of how they feel.  You should never have to hide your true feelings for fear of how he or she may react.


  • Where is he at in his life at this point when it comes to his job, his friends and his family?
  • Is he confident in his decisions?
  • Does he seem open to the possibility of a new relationship?

These are three important questions to consider. If he still isn't positive that the job he has now is what he wants to do for the rest of his life then it is possible that he may not be ready to commit to anything serious. Most men want to have a stable job before committing to any sort of serious relationship, especially if they see the slightest possibility that it could lead to something more permanent in the future. Men feel the need to be the provider. If he is unable to provide for you at this point in his life, it may be best to keep a safe distance, at least until he has made precise decisions regarding his career plans and goals. If he can't be confident in his decisions regarding his job, how can he be confident in beginning a new relationship? Also, if he would rather spend the weekend bar-hopping with his friends than spending an evening at home with you cuddled up on the couch watching a movie, chances are this guy just might not be socially available.


  • Does he make it obvious that he is physically attracted to you?
  • Does he pour on the compliments?
  • How does he act toward you when he is with his friends?  His family?  Alone with you?

When determining whether a guy is truly interested in you as a person or just a booty call you must ask yourself these questions and determine an answer. If you are in public with him and he is constantly hanging all over you or telling you how hot you look, rather than locking eyes with you and showing a true interest in what you have to say than more than likely he isn't looking for anything too serious at this point. When you are out with his friends, it is important to notice if he values what you have to say in the conversations taking place or if he belittles what you have to say. If he treats you completely different around his friends or his family than when you are alone with him then you must decide for yourself whether or not taking the relationship to the next level is worth the chance of you getting hurt. 

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